Dubai Criminal Court has postponed the hearing in an embezzlement case

On June 18, 2008, the court referred the accused, H.Y., an employee in the customer service department of Arab Bank, to an expert committee to examine the allegations of embezzling 200,000 dirhams from the bank. The session was adjourned to June 26.

The defense lawyer, Nasser Hashem from Al Kamali Law Firm, argued that the bank failed to provide the court with the requested documents, especially the file of the client who claimed the amount was embezzled from their account. He also presented a monthly report showing that all transfer operations from the client’s account to another account were carried out by other employees. However, these employees were not included in the charges. He questioned the reasons behind the bank’s failure to hold these employees legally accountable and its withholding of information and documents from the court that would indicate the transfers made from the embezzled account. He further mentioned that the court requested the expert committee to determine the bank’s banking systems and the procedures for transferring funds between accounts and branches, and whether the accused, who was a customer service employee and had only been employed for three months, was capable of performing such tasks.

(Source: Emarat Al Youm)

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