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We are one of the best criminal lawyers in Dubai , trained well for all kinds of criminal laws. UAE criminal law is a federal law derived from several provisions of Islamic sharia. Our office has a team of criminal licensed lawyers who represent client's accused of federal crimes and criminal offenses in the UAE. Our criminal lawyers are trained to handle cases from police investigation to prosecution and criminal courts. Our criminal lawyers work with their clients until the case is closed in the first instance court/ appeal court / supreme court. Our criminal lawyers guarantee that our clients are represented fairly, legally and fully throughout the entire justice process. We provide consultation and representation services relating to use and abuse of narcotics & alcohol, bounced cheques, murder, theft, swindling, threats, and all other matters criminal in nature before the public prosecutions and courts in the UAE. We are criminal lawyers who provide such kinds of services to all nationalities and individuals we try our best to protect our clients in all kinds of situations. Best criminal lawyers specializing in wide spectrum of legal services within the UAE. It was established based on the philosophy of delivering at the highest level of personalized legal services at cost-effective rates. It is a licensed law firm practicing legal representation before courts in the Dubai, Cairo and London. It consist of a group of advocates and legal consultants who thrives to achieve goals within a set time frame through proper understanding of the client’s legal requirements, and providing optimal solutions through adopting measures methodology and profound legal knowledge. Our lawyer has recorded a high level of success rate leading to the constant sustainability of the firm.


We are one of the leading law firms in Dubai, Cairo and London. We have the simplest policy used to resolve disputes amicably worldwide. Nasser Hashem Advocates & Legal Consultants is composed of qualified attorneys whose mission is to deal with arbitration procedures and proceedings inside and outside the UAE. Our law firms in Dubai, Cairo and London handles many cases , dealing with property, civil and commercial disputes. Our goal is to keep our clients avoid getting into a dispute. But when they do have to face a conflicting situation, our lawyers work towards limiting the impact and ensuring a speedy resolution.


Our law firm in Dubai, Cairo and London can assist both local and international institutions in various transactions raking from debt syndication, financing and can advise on the general compliance with regional financial laws and regulations.


Nasser Hashem & Partners advocates and legal consultants are recognized as one of the leading firms in the region, offering first rate advice to clients through the Middle East . We advise clients on infrastructure and building projects from inception through financing contract , negotiation through to construction claims and dispute resolution. Our law firms have archived and enviable reputation in the area of both contentious and non contentions works has involved, we have long enjoyed close relationships and collaboration with international leaders in the construction industry and offer clients the skills, information and commercial expertise on a global scale.


Nasser Hashem & Partners is a premier research based legal law firm with a solid regional presence that brings together dynamic solutions and delivers an unprecedented level of service to our clients. Our commercial contracts advisory are pivotal to everything we do and remains central to all our practice areas. commercial matters require a thorough and trusted opinion in today's competitive global market. we regularly handle transactions requiring a combination of complex, bespoke, novel and at times critically challenging, contract document to suit the particular requirements of the transaction and entities involved.


The system of rules in the law firm practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled. Corporate governance essentially involves balancing the interests of the many stakeholders in a company - these include its share - holders, management, customers, suppliers, finances , government and the community. Since our law firm in Dubai, Cairo and London provides corporate governance. The teamwork for training a company's objectives, it encompasses practically every sphere of management, from action plans & internal controls to performance measurement and corporate disclosure.


The structure you choose will have a lot to do with the success and profitability of your business. Our law firms in Dubai, Cairo and London is properly configured enterprise has many options as far as tax minimization, assets. A corporation is usually required by law to hold annual shareholder meetings,at which the shareholders will elect the corporations directions. Special shareholder meetings may also be held in rare situations, when significant corporate actions require shareholder's approval - including major transactions and changes in the corporation's stock plans. A corporation's articles of incorporation (Combined with state law requirements) usually set forth shareholders voting rights and procedures.


Nasser Hashem & Partners is a law firm in Dubai, Cairo and London, which provides its clients with highly practical employment advice and assistance. Our employment practice focuses on supporting our client’s strategic objectives in management & organization in the workplace. Our collective of employment lawyers are responsible for advising on all aspects of employment law and its implications in the UAE labour market. At the law firm we fulfil the expectations of the client using a corporate and personal structure with a deep local root in the market. We help the client to navigate complex labour and employment laws and regulations to facilitate seamless compliance at home or abroad. We provide both domestic and international employment counselling, to clients for hiring, to termination of offer letters and employment agreements, independent contractor consulting agreements, personal policies , work rules and handbooks , protection of confidential information and trade secrets, wage and hour issues , bonus, commissions and other compensation plans , discrimination, harassment and retaliation matters , workplace safety , workplace privacy rights , reductions in force and other cost-cutting measures , and any other labor and employment issues faced by the employers. We advise on all employment-related aspects of mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs and divestitures, post-acquisition integrations of newly acquired businesses, as well as outsourcing or other specific arrangements.


In the Middle East, family controlled businesses predominate in many of the region’s key industries - both in terms of the size and range of their investments and the numbers of personnel they employee. Our law firm practices family business as a market leader in the GCC region and is dedicated to building and engineering the legal structures necessary to insulate family controlled businesses, assets from external threats and internal family dialogue debates. Nasser Hashem & Partners is dedicated to ensure a clear pathway to the future stewardship of family assets and has unparalleled local and regional expertise at building those legal structures. For assets and business holdings throughout the GCC and MENA. Those structures stabilise asset ownership and align the assets with any arrangements for family stewardship. We work with leading Sharia scholars to design family structures and understandings which are fully compliant with Sharia Law. We can achieve this outcome without exposing business structures and family understandings to interference or intervention from secular officials, allowing a seamless transition from the original family stewardship to the next generation. Our clients benefit from the insight of local and international experts who apply family business focused experience and are supported by the full range of legal services we offer at Nasser Hashem & Partners. We work closely with other specialists to offer traditional corporate restructuring, succession planning, property and trust advice. Providing the following additional specialised services: family Constitutions, traditional corporate restructuring and Limited liability structures tailored to manage business risks, family corporate governance systems, management and resolution of inter-generational conflicts, establishment and management of family offices support. We have experience in the following: Legal Structures protecting against and managing legal risks and exposures associated with family business investments. Tailor made legal entities and arrangements which eliminate business disruption at times of family transition (e.g. retirement, incapacity or death). Binding family constitutions which manage and channel dialogues and debates and pave the way for a clear and orderly transition to future stewardship. Bespoke governance policies based on specific family and business circumstances including: Educational developments of younger family members, best practice distribution of Zakat and general philanthropic giving. Buy back mechanisms for family members desiring liquidity. Rules, policies and structures for family venture funds


Our law firm is a traditional way of financing projects in the world, finance has gained popularity in the western world as well. Our lawyers have the necessary expertise and knowledge of the local market, the understanding in banking and corporate finance mixed with inside knowledge of the Islamic culture to develop and deliver innovative shariais complaint structures. Multi-disciplinary, integrated teams bring a wide range of legal, regulatory and tax experience to each matter. Providing both strategic and day-to-day advice, addressing some of the most challenging transactions and business issues. Whether we're advising a financial Crime, managing its real estate portfolio or global workforce, protecting intellectual property or resolving a dispute, we bring commercial advice and seamless service to every matter. In addition, by functioning as an extension of your in-house legal team, we continually deepen relationships to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your needs.


We are an experienced law firms in Dubai, Cairo and London with highly skilled lawyers on hand who are qualified in the insurance sectors and whose expertise lie in advising and setting up insurance businesses. In addition, they can provide expertise on product liabilities. We also advise on company procedures and best practices for employees to maintain the best safety polices for the workplace that an employer has to create for a safe working environment. We review, draft and amend all kinds of insurance policies for our corporate clients. Our lawyers are at hand to advise on a large number of domestic as well as international clients. We help our international clients to meet their business goals by addressing any issues and concerns and finding the right solutions to their insurance problems. Swiftly assembling cross-border, multidisciplinary teams, we can work collaboratively with in-house counsel to provide holistic advice on intersecting mergers & acquisitions, tax, outsourcing and dispute resolution issues. And because we have firsthand know-how of local laws, procedures and systems, we can effectively safeguard your business against potential claims, insolvencies, as well as particularly complex disputes.


Our law firm of legislation & Policy Practice consists of lawyers who regularly contribute to the development and drafting of a significant number of laws and subsidiary legislations around the Middle East. In 2010, we recognised the growing importance of this specialist area of expertise and established a separate Legislation and Policy Practice. Our firms sector for Legislation and Policy Practice consolidates expertise in the areas of legislation development and drafting, public and administrative law, procurement, structuring and governance of government, public and commercial entities. Like all of the Firm’s divisions, we work closely with the other Practices to offer a thorough and collaborative spectrum of legal expertise. Our team, fluent in Arabic and English, is experienced in the requirements of the public sector, including the need to produce clear and concise legislation. We understand how this legislation must fit and integrate into an existing constitutional and legislative framework. Our Expertise We are regularly consulted by government entities in respect of the drafting of new laws or subsidiary legislation. This involves: =>Carrying out a gap analysis to determine what is missing or could be improved in the existing legislation => Performing a benchmarking exercise to see what is done in other countries, determining any relevant international obligations that will need to be met. =>Consulting with all stakeholders to ensure that the full spectrum of concerns are understood and dealt with. Given we are at the forefront of Legislation and Policy drafting, we have an unmatched understanding of the legal landscape and developments affecting the Middle East and our clients.


LITIGATION Our law firm in Dubai, Cairo and London has been a cornesstones of the firm's practice since its inception. Hence we grant significant importance to this section. Our litigation attorneys handle cases to complex international disputes. We have trailed cases and brought arguments before the UAE Supreme Court as well as the regional and federal Tribunals across the country. Our lawyers have wide expertise in disputes arising from various sectors, which includes civil, commercial and family matters. Attention to procedure is vital to the outcome of a case ,as Meticulous collaboration with our clients and a well drafted arqumentation. => With the aid of our highly experienced litigation lawyers we conduct the following: 1. Registering police cases at the court. 2. Resolveing civil or criminal court cases 3. Imposing travel bans. 4. Preparing all kinds of attachments 5. Conducting claims and/or settlements 6. Performing all other necessary functions and procedures necessary to bring a case to a final judement in our clients favor. => We focus to handle white collar matters like: 1. Corruption and bribery 2. Embezzlement and forgery 3. Money laundering 4. Corporate fraud. 5. Breach of trust.


Nasser Hashem & Partners deals with the laws offering the purchase of one company by another or the blending of two companies into a new entity. Merger: - It is a process by which 2 companies join and one new company continues to exit. A merger occurs when two combine together to form a new enterprise altogether, and neither of the previous companies remains independently. Acquisition involves a process by which one company acquires the assets of another company. An acquisition or take over is the purchasing of one business or company by another. Acquisitions are usually divided into either private or public acquisition. The distinction depends on whether the stocks of the target company is publicly traded or not acquisitions can also be categorized as friendly or hostile depending on how the target company perceives the acquirer.


UAE real estate sector not only hasn't been exempted, but in fact was one of the sectors affected more seriously by the recent financial crisis. Off-plan buyers, either private or large investors have been the main target for this disaster. Our law firms in Dubai, Cairo and London works broadly speaking, the problematic off-plan cases can be broken down in to 5 categories: private investors with intension to flip, large investors with intension to flip investment funds, private end users and end recently made redundant.

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