The Dubai Public Prosecution has initiated an investigation into an incident of attempted theft

Date: November 1, 2006

The Dubai Public Prosecution has initiated an investigation into an attempted theft case involving an Arab family residing in the UAE for 18 years. The wife, identified as “N.A.”, was accused of falsely implicating her husband, “M.M.S.”, in a theft case, despite his innocence, as he accompanied her to a City Centre store in Dubai to buy clothes for their children on the occasion of Eid.

The surveillance camera captured the wife moving through the aisles, selecting clothes for her children, and changing the price tags of expensive items with cheaper ones. She replaced the original price with a lower one and concealed the expensive items. Unbeknownst to her, the cameras were monitoring her every move. After filling the shopping cart with Eid clothes, she believed she had obtained a significant bounty. However, when she was about to proceed to the cashier for payment, her husband, who accompanied her without knowing her actions, was stopped by a security officer who informed him of his wife’s actions and the fact that everything was recorded by the cameras. Sensing that her deception had been exposed, she grabbed their children and fled, leaving her husband to face the consequences alone.

The husband expressed his willingness to pay for all the original items, and he indeed made the payment. However, security personnel had already informed the detectives, and as a result, they refused to release him until the police arrived. The police attempted to rectify the situation created by the wife’s actions.

The husband emphasized his standing in the country for the past 18 years and the unfortunate situation created by his wife. Although the police expressed their readiness to settle the matter if the complainants agreed, the complainants insisted on pursuing the investigation.

The husband had no choice but to seek the assistance of a lawyer to extricate himself from this predicament. His defense, led by Nasser Hashem Al Kamali Law Firm, submitted a request to the Public Prosecution for a psychiatric evaluation of the wife by a psychiatrist to confirm the existence of medical certificates provided by the husband, indicating that she suffers from a mental illness. It was previously shown that she had caused similar situations for her husband on several occasions, not with the intention of theft but due to her unawareness of her actions, a well-known condition in psychiatry.

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