Plane spotters: UAE-detained Britons face wait for court hearing


A court hearing for British plane spotters held over allegations of suspicious behaviour in the United Arab Emirates has been postponed for a week.

Conrad Clitheroe and Gary Cooper, both from Stockport, and expat Neil Munro were reportedly taking notes near Fujairah Airport, 80 miles from Dubai, when they were arrested in February.

Relatives were told they were held for “national security” reasons. The men insisted they did not take photographs.

The Abu Dhabi hearing is due on Monday.

Mr Clitheroe, 54, and Mr Cooper 45, were visiting their friend Mr Munro, who was born in Manchester, when they were arrested on 22 February by an off-duty police officer who had seen them monitoring planes from a car.

They were near Fujairah Airport, where older and rarer aircraft can be seen.

A local police official said the men had been taking photographs near an airport and were using a telescope.

The men are expected to argue their actions were misinterpreted and are understood to be hoping to be granted bail.


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